Don’t worry, with dups it’s no success no pay

First intake at no cost

Before anything else, let’s have a chat.

We want to get to know you and your project. Only then, we will see whether we can help you and whether the alchemy is working.

Flat success fee of 5%

We charge on average a success fee of 5% of the amounts raised on a ‘no success, no pay’ basis.

It means if you do not raise capital, we are not charging anything. Not a penny.

Can you think of a more aligned fee structure?

Focus on your deal from a price-sensitivity perspective

Not seeking investors for you allows us to keep the fees low so that you pay for what matters most: make sure the deal is the best for you.

We are concerned about keeping the cost low so we use subsidies every time we can. Particularly, companies in Brussels or in Wallonia may be eligible for consultancy subsidies.

We help your startup be investment ready. Let’s start by calculating its value!

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