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What we do:

We help your startup Raise Capital and become Investment Ready

1. Valuation range

We define a valuation range with you (and help you draft a business plan in case you have enough data and maturity to do so).

2. Financial conditions of a deal

We envisage together the financial conditions of a deal.

3. Legal and governance

We envisage together the legal conditions of a deal and the proposed governance structure. We’ll walk you through the legal process from A to Z.

Deal is not just about price and there are a number of legal aspects to consider. We accompany you through the whole process.

4. Negotiation

We help you negotiate the best deal so that it creates value now, but also in the future.

5. Close the deal

We help you close the deal. This includes drafting shareholders’ agreement, management conventions and share purchase agreement, and any other legal documents.

And don’t worry, with dups it’s no success no pay

Flat success
fee of 5%
First intake
at no cost

What we don’t do:

Seek investors for you

Why? Because seeking investors for you would be like working for investors. We want to work for the weakest party. Also, Belgium is small and good projects will attract investors.

If you want to have an overview of funds, Trends Tendances’ Start-Up guide 2020 already lists 15 pages of funds in Belgium and 5 pages of funds abroad.

Ah… also, as a consultancy firm, we do tailormade projects in financial, legal and corporate governance fields. If you have a particular need, just ask us for a budget.

We help your startup be investment ready. Let’s start by calculating its value!

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