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dups is an independent advisor which helps startups raise capital, grasp if the deal on the table is fair for them and negotiate better conditions.

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Raising capital is a key milestone in a startup’s life. Startups have to deal with more risks than other companies because there is asymmetry between founders and funders. Also, many startups are very price-sensitive and prefer negotiating without advisors, which exposes them to substantial risks.

dups holistic approach helps startups thrive by ensuring their value is correctly assessed and their growth is properly supported. We are typically involved in fundraisings of €500k+.

Startups and SMEs have ill-equipped governance, and the figures speak from themselves. According to our research, only 34% of SMEs (amongst which startups) have a shareholders’ agreement and only 1 in 4 is familiar with corporate governance best practices. Vlerick’s Rising Star 2019 study finds that 80% of startups do not have a board of directors. A sound governance structure is however a prerequisite to properly support the growth of a company and avoid pitfalls.

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“I’m very satisfied with the way dups advised and accompanied us throughout the acquisition process. The team is reactive and attentive. I would call on them again without hesitation.”

Ludovic Chevalier, Speaky

They say about us

“Better alone than in bad company: the saying is (far too) often true for us entrepreneurs. However, if there is one subject to be dealt with when you raise capital, it is the Governance with your investors and vis-à-vis your founders. The dups team has the pragmatism to make sure you start on solid foundations.”

Thibaut Dehem, 87seconds

They say about us

“As part of the development of our activities and the realization of a business plan to enable the company to break new ground, we turned to external investors. Deminor accompanied us in the realization of the partnership with the new investor: holding negotiation meetings, drafting contractual and legal documents, … I particularly appreciated their availability, flexibility and professionalism that allowed us to complete this new stage quickly and effectively.”

Olivier Beghin, IsoHemp

They say about us

“The dups team provides an ideal mix of financial and legal expertise, making your fundraising process a big success.”

Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten, Canyon Legal

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Why are shareholder’s agreements so important and why your business needs one What is it & why is it important? A shareholders’ agreement is a formal written agreement amongst the co-founders, which can later include new incoming shareholders. The agreement concerns several key issues about running your business and consolidates the shared vision of long-term […]

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