Pierre-Alexis at Gofunding@Euroquity

On 15th September, Pierre-Alexis will be speaking at the second edition of the Gofunding@Euroquity program. He was already a guest speaker at the first edition, which brought together a dozen startups willing to accelerate their growth by opening their capital to external investors. The learning program is organized by Sowalfin around 6 modules aimed at […]


Value is not price

Although the concepts of value and price are often confused, they are far from being similar. The main difference is that price represents the consideration that must be paid for having a certain value. Thus, price has its own dynamic that can move it away from intrinsic value. This difference between value and price leads […]


Shareholders’ agreements in startups

Why are shareholder’s agreements so important and why your business needs one What is it & why is it important? A shareholders’ agreement is a formal written agreement amongst the co-founders, which can later include new incoming shareholders. The agreement concerns several key issues about running your business and consolidates the shared vision of long-term […]


Are convertibles suitable for your startup?

Several months ago (well before the confinement), I attended a conference at Silversquare given by Cohabs CEO, Youri Dauber. When I asked him how he felt about the ownership dilution effect because of the two previous fundraising processes his startup went through, he smiled unexpectedly. He said that the Cohabs founders did not feel angry […]

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